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Unemployment Compensation (UC)
In an effort to reduce the effect of higher rates of unemployment and longer periods of unemployment, Pennsylvania provides the following programs that allow unemployed workers to continue to pay for food, shelter and other necessities until they are able to rejoin the workforce.
Emergency Unemployment Compensation (EUC):
This program provides an immediate financial lifeline beyond the 26 weeks of regular state unemployment compensation benefits. Under the ARRA, UC claimants who have exhausted their regular state paid UC benefits can receive up to 33 additional weeks of 100 percent federally funded UC benefits.
State Extended Unemployment Compensation Benefits (State EB):
Normally, State EB is a 50/50 split between Pennsylvania employers and the federal government, however through ARRA, federal funding covers 100 percent of the cost for the state EB payments and provides up to 13 weeks of benefits with an optional 7 week extension for unusually high periods of unemployment.
Federal Additional Compensation (FAC):
Provides an additional source of financial support to individuals and families struggling to re-enter the workforce. This fully federally funded program provides an additional $25 each week to UC claimants. The payment is provided to claimants throughout their claims eligibility, including regular state UC, EUC and state EB.
To learn more about Unemployment Compensation, Insurance, and similar services, you can find information at the UC.PA.GOV Web site.
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