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​We put YOU first!

We believe in providing exceptional benefits to help our employees  thrive in every aspect of their lives. Our total rewards package includes the benefits that support our employees' physical, mental and financial well-being. 

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Learn more about our total rewards benefits package:

Health and Wellness

We offer multiple health plans so our employees can choose what works best for themselves and their families.

On the first day of work, our employees are enrolled in healthcare coverage and begin contributing 5% of their gross biweekly pay toward the cost of healthcare. Employees have the option to cut this cost in half by volunteering to participate in our wellness program and are able to choose between three healthcare plans.

Health Plan Options

  1. Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) plan
    This plan  ensures low copays and no annual deduction but offers a limited network of providers from which members can choose. 

  2. Choice of Two Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) plans. Both PPO plans have the same copay, which is slightly higher than the HMO plan, and offer more flexibility to members in choosing their own providers. The difference between the two PPO plans is the annual deductible. The first PPO option has a lower deductible ($400 for single coverage; $800 for family coverage) and includes an additional biweekly charge known as a "buy up" ($12.43 for single coverage; $32.07 for family coverage). The second PPO option does not include the "buy up" but does have a higher annual deductible ($1,500 for single coverage; $3,000 for family coverage).

Regardless of which health plan you choose, you will receive:  

  • Behavioral and mental health counseling, prescription drug, dental, vision, and hearing aid benefits

  • Free life insurance of 1x salary to a maximum of $40,000, and additional life insurance may be purchased at competitive rates

  • Free access to the State Employee Assistance Program (SEAP) for employees and their family members. SEAP is completely confidential and includes:

      • Behavioral health evaluations and counseling

      • Substance abuse evaluations and counseling

      • Financial counseling

      • Legal counseling

    Prescription Drug and Family Health Coverage (First 90 Days of Employment)

During the first 90 days of employment, new employees have the option to "buy up" prescription coverage ($77.66 for single coverage; $192.66 for family coverage). After 90 days, prescription coverage is available at no cost. 

In addition, new employees have the option to "buy up" family health coverage (range from $341.80 to $373.87 biweekly). After 90 days and depending on the selected healthcare plan, there is either a lower "buy up" cost ($32.07 for family coverage) or no cost at all. 

Additional Benefits

Other health and wellness opportunities include:

  • Healthcare Flexible Spending Account – put aside pre-tax money for health care expenses

  • Dependent Care Flexible Spending Account – put aside pre-tax money for child and adult care expenses

  • Critical Illness Insurance – purchase added insurance at competitive rates that pays cash for certain diagnoses

  • Retiree health benefits – continued health insurance into retirement

Work Life Balance

We know there’s more to life than just work—and we want employees to enjoy it!

  • Average hours per work week: 37.5

  • Generous paid leave benefits including:

      • 11 holidays*

      • 11 vacation days*

      • 11 sick days*

      • 6 weeks of paid parental leave for eligible permanent employees with more than 12 months of continuous commonwealth employment

      • Military leave for active military members

      • Civil leave for jury duty, certain court appearances, volunteer firefighting activities, and certified disaster relief 

      • Educational leave based on specific criteria (job relatedness, job requirements, etc.)

      • Leave Donation Program that enables other commonwealth employees to donate leave to qualifying employees due to their own or an eligible family member’s catastrophic or severe illness/injury 

    • Flexible work schedules and work-from-home opportunities for eligible employees

*Leave benefits vary based on collective bargaining agreements. Management employees earn 14 vacation and 13 sick leave days per year.

Financial Planning

We invest in our employees by providing competitive wages and encouraging financial wellness by offering multiple ways to save money and ensure peace of mind. 

Our total reward package adds a significant value to our employees' total compensation. As an example, by adding our additional total rewards to an annual salary of $50,000, the value of total compensation is estimated to be $85,039 per year! 


Eligible employees can choose from three retirement plans, which include two hybrid plans (pension + investment plan), and a straight investment plan. These include: 

  1. Hybrid Option 1: employee pays 8.25% of their salary into retirement and the commonwealth pays 2.25%. The portion paid by the employee is divided two ways: 5% goes into a defined benefit pension plan and 3.25% goes into an investment plan. The 2.25% from the commonwealth goes into the investment plan.

  2. Hybrid Option 2: employee pays 7.5% of salary into their retirement and the commonwealth pays 2%. The portion paid by the employee is divided two ways: 4% goes into a defined benefit pension plan and 3.5% goes into an investment plan. The 2% from the commonwealth goes into the investment plan.

  3. Straight Investment Plan: Like a 401(k), this is a defined contribution investment plan. The employee pays 7.5% of salary and the commonwealth pays 3.5%.

Optional Financial Programs

  • Optional Short or Long-Term Disability Insurance provided by Prudential. Employees can enroll for this insurance within their first 60 days of service, or during an open enrollment period.

  • The PA ABLE Savings Program provides assistance to people with disabilities to plan for a financially secure future without jeopardizing their eligibility for government benefits.

  • Public Service Loan Forgiveness through the federal government.

  • Tuition Assistance for some positions

  • Make saving for college more affordable with a PA 529 account.

  • Optional participation in our financial wellness program which includes free educational sessions over lunch, current web content with free resources, access to videos just for employees and more.

  • Savings bonds purchased through convenient payroll deduction.

  • Dependent Care Account Plan – put aside pre-tax money for childcare and/or other dependent care.

Values and Culture

We believe in the work we do and provide continual opportunities for our employees to grow and contribute to the greater good.   

Internal Mobility

We are one of the largest employers in the state with 72,000 full-time employees and are home to over 2,000 job titles. 

  • Easily transfer between positions or agencies to expand knowledge and pursue new challenges.

  • Retain your leave, health and other benefits when moving between most agencies.

Professional Development 

  • Commonwealth Academy - Commonwealth-wide learning opportunities to expand a current skill set or develop a new one

  • Commonwealth-wide, and agency-specific, leadership programs

  • Mentoring programs

  • Agency-specific programs and trainings in technical skills development, communication, emotional empathy, customer service, leadership and other soft-skills development

  • Some agencies also have employee recognition programs

Inclusive Workforce

We believe in diversity, equity and inclusion and strive to provide work environments where everyone feels valued and appreciated.

  • Pay equity—We believe in equal pay for equal work.

Charitable Giving

We believe in giving back. Our employees have the opportunity to donate to one or more of hundreds of participating charities through workplace giving.

Employee Perks

Sometimes, it is the little “extras” that make a big difference. Here are a few additional employee benefits that may interest you.