About Pennsylvania

Welcome to the Keystone State!‚Äč

The Commonwealth of PA offers rewarding careers in a wide variety of fields. Whether you're a lifelong resident or thinking about relocating, we think you'll agree that PA is a great place to live and work.

Our State

PA is home to a wealth of history, natural resources, cultural attractions, educational institutions, and other qualities that make it an attractive place to live and work for people from all walks life.

Our state agencies help make PA a great place through programs and services that enhance the quality of life, promote economic growth and ensure public health and safety.

Public Service

Commonwealth employees are dedicated to public service and receive fulfillment from helping others. Our employees come to work each day knowing that their jobs contribute to improving the lives of Pennsylvanians and the effective operation of government.

Additionally, many commonwealth employees are active in their communities, professional associations and programs such as the State Employee Combined Appeal, which raises millions of dollars for charities each year.

Opportunities Statewide

Many employees are headquartered in and around the capitol city of Harrisburg and a significant percentage of the workforce calls Central PA home. However, you can find commonwealth employees doing a variety of jobs across the state.

With such a broad range of professions and opportunities for growth, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is an ideal place to begin or advance your career.