Financial, health & wellness, work-life balance, career development and other perks

Total Rewards​ for Your Career and Well-being​

​​Comprehensive Benefits Package

Discover the total value of your benefits at the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. We offer a comprehensive benefits package tailored to support your mental, physical, and financial well-being, ensuring you thrive both professionally and personally.

Our benefits package includes:

  • Mental Well-being: Access to counseling services and wellness programs.
  • Physical Well-being: Comprehensive health insurance and fitness incentives.
  • Financial Well-being: Retirement plans and financial planning resources.

Our benefits package is designed to support your career advancement and promote a healthy work-life balance.

Learn more about how our benefits package can enhance your career and support your well-being by watching the video below. For more information, visit our Employee Resource Center Benefits Center.


Health & Wellness

Medical, Dental, Vision, and More​

Medical Plans

The Commonwealth offers three comprehensive medical plans to suit your needs:

  • Two Preferred Provider Plans (PPO)
  • One Health Maintenance Option (HMO) with a custom network

These plans feature either no or low annual deductibles and no coinsurance.​

Employee Contributions for 2024:

  • Single Coverage: Approximately $72 biweekly
  • Family Coverage: Approximately $105 biweekly*​
*Based on an average base salary of $49,148

Wellness Program: Participate and complete a wellness screening each year to lower your employee contribution.

Family Coverage: Available from day one of employment with a buy-up for the first 30 days (Effective August 1, 2024). Some plan options have no additional costs for dependents after 30 days.

Spouse Coverage: Spouses eligible for coverage through their employer must enroll in their employer's plan as primary and can enroll in the Commonwealth plan as secondary.


Prescription Benefits

Prescription benefits are available from day one for a premium and at no additional cost after 30 days (effective August 1, 2024. Copays start at $15 for a 30-day supply of generic medications. Employees can obtain up to a 90-day supply through the plan.​

Dental, Vision, and Hearing Aid Coverage

After 30 days, employees and their eligible dependents receive supplemental benefits including:
  • Dental Coverage
  • Vision Coverage
  • Hearing Aid Coverage​

Ways to Save

Healthcare Flexible Spending Account: Employees can set aside pre-tax dollars to help pay for eligible healthcare expenses.

Note: Health benefits are available to most employees. For more information, visit our Employee Resource Center Benefits Center.​​

Paid Leave Benefits ​

Paid time off means freedom to spend time with friends and family, take vacations, and provides financial protection if you are unable to work due to illness or injury. In your first year of employment, you will have up to 34* days off, which include holidays, vacation, and sick days. Some positions also offer telework and flexible schedule options, further enhancing work-life balance.

Additional Paid Leave Benefits

  • To vote.

  • To donate blood.

  • To take the physical exam for entry into the U.S. Armed forces and state civil service exams. 

  • To service on Jury Duty.

  • For some types of emergency volunteer work.

If you are considering a temporary or seasonal job, leave benefits will vary.

Paid Parental Leave 

Up to eight weeks of paid parental leave is available for eligible, permanent employees after 12 months of employment. 

Vacation Days* 

Vacation days, also known as "annual" leave, are earned based on your years of service. The longer you stay, the more leave you earn. Annual leave is earned each pay period based on a percentage of your regular hours worked:

Years of Service (Employment)

Days Earned Per Year
0-311 days
3-1519 days
Over 1524 days

Sick Leave*

Employees earn 11 days of sick leave per year. Sick leave can be used for personal medical needs, to care for qualifying family members, and for bereavement following the death of a loved one.​

Paid Holidays

  • New Year’s Day
  • Martin Luther King Jr Day
  • Presidents Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Juneteenth
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day
  • Indigenous People’s Day
  • Veterans Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Day After Thanksgiving
  • Christmas Day

Employees who work on a holiday generally earn premium overtime pay, plus paid time off on a later date.​

Compensatory Leave

Some positions offer the ability to work overtime or receive compensatory leave, also known as "comp time", in lieu of overtime pay. This is a valuable option for new employees to earn additional paid time off.

Military Leave

The Commonwealth provides active duty military servicemembers up to 30 days of paid leave when your military duty meets certain criteria. An additional one-time career entitlement of 15 paid days for active duty is also available, and stipends up to $520/month are paid to permanent employees on unpaid leave for active duty. PA National Guard members receive unlimited paid days when activated by the Governor.

For more information on our benefits for veterans and active military personnel, please review our Employee Resource Center article regarding Military Leave​.​

*Management/non-represented employees and some law enforcement and correctional positions have higher annual and sick leave accrual rates. Please contact​ if you have any questions.​​

Retirement Benefits

Secure Your Future with SERS Plans and Deferred Compensation​

Enjoying a well-earned retirement is the perfect capstone to a satisfying and rewarding career. The State Employees' Retirement System (SERS) offers options to help you achieve your retirement goals, no matter what stage of your career you are in now. Most new hires outside of law enforcement will choose between a defined contribution plan or a hybrid retirement plan.​​

Retirement Plan Options

  • Defined Contribution Plan: Similar to a traditional 401(k), you and your employer make contributions to an investment plan that you choose. You can select from five investment options based on your risk tolerance and investment knowledge.

  • Hybrid Plan: This plan includes a guaranteed monthly pension determined by years of service, salary, and pension class, as well as a defined contribution plan.

For additional information on our retirement plan options, try the SERS' New Member Plan Comparison Calculator.

Voluntary Supplemental Retirement Plan

In addition to choosing a retirement plan, most new hires may participate in a voluntary supplemental retirement plan, Deferred Compensation. “Deferred comp" makes it easy to set aside more money for your retirement. You can choose either traditional before-tax contributions or Roth after-tax contributions. There are a wide range of investment options, including self-directed options for knowledgeable investors.

Deferred Compensation Highlights:

  • Flexible Contributions: Invest as little as $5 per pay up to the IRS limits ($22,500 annually, with increased limits for certain ages).
  • Investment Options: A variety of choices to suit different investment strategies and risk levels.

​Lifestyle and Wellness Benefits ​

State Employee Assistance Program (SEAP)   

SEAP provides a variety of support services and resources to state employees and their families, including:

  • Six no cost visits with a behavioral health counselor for concerns including stress, anxiety, depression, substance use, and workplace, family, and relationship concerns, with affordable co-pays for additional visits. You and your family can get free, confidential support 24/7.
  • Unlimited phone consultations with credentialed financial specialists at no cost.
  • No cost and discounted legal services.
  • Work/Life - a no cost concierge that can connect you with local services and resources for a variety of needs, including adult and elder care, children and parenting, education and learning, chronic conditions, and more.
  • Enhanced Caregiver Support – receive help from a care manager to develop a plan of care or receive in-the-moment support to care for loved ones, including help with coordinating transportation or meals, recommendations for home modifications to improve safety, help locating the best options for in-home care, and more.​

Insurances and Lifestyle Benefits ​

Buying insurance through work can be a helpful way to save money on coverage you need. Everything from special rates on car insurance, to ID theft protection, to pet insurance, to discounts for health clubs and gyms, working for the Commonwealth gives you many ways to save. Find competitive rates on: 

  • Short Term and Long Term: Disability: income protection if an illness or injury prevents you from being able to work.  
  • Critical Illness: Supplement your health insurance with cash payments for specific covered conditions.  
  • Term Life: protect those who depend on your income if something happens to you. 
  • Dependent Care Account Program (DCAP): You can set aside up to $5,000 a year from pre-tax income to use for dependent care. You avoid federal and state income taxes. 
  • Health Care Flexible Spending Account (FSA): You can set aside up to $3,200 a year from pre-tax income to use for medical expenses, such as deductibles, copays and much more. 

For more information on Insurances and Other benefits, visit the Benefits Center.​​

​Education Benefits

Achieve Your Goals with Tuition Discounts, Scholarships, and Loan Forgiveness​

We want to help you grow and see your educational goals become a reality for you and your dependents. Working for the Commonwealth provides you with access to tuition discounts, loan discounts, and scholarships.

Tuition Discounts

  • PennWest University: Employees pursuing an online degree through PennWest are eligible to save 20% off their tuition rate. This discount applies to more than 150 undergraduate and graduate programs offered by PennWest Global Online.
  • York College of Pennsylvania: York College of Pennsylvania (YCP) offers a 15% discounted tuition rate to most Commonwealth employees. This discount applies to YCP graduate programs in accounting, business administration, leadership, marketing communications, music industry, and education. There is also a 'Partner Rate' discount for Commonwealth employees for online programs in the Stabler School of Nursing and Health Professions and graduate Data Analytics programs.​


Loan Discounts

Loan Forgiveness

For more information, visit our Employee Resource Center Benefits Center.

Career Development

We want to help you grow and see your goals become a reality!

A Plan for Success

  • Supervisors and human resources staff are available to help employees create a customized plan to develop skills for their current jobs or prepare for the next step in their careers. 

  • Access to free training designed for commonwealth employees through the Commonwealth University.

Opportunities to Advance

  • Easily transfer between positions or agencies to expand knowledge and pursue new challenges.

  • Retain your leave, health and other benefits when moving between most agencies.

Leadership Training 

There are also a variety of programs available to help get you where you want to be:

  • Leadership Develop​ment ​Institute - Professional developmental for employees who demonstrate leadership potential and the ability to succeed in positions of greater responsibility.

Other Rewards

Commonwealth employees enjoy many other rewards, including opportunities for recognition, workplace charitable giving and even special employee-only discounts.

Employee Recognition

We understand that our most valuable asset is our employees.

  • Many agencies have programs to acknowledge outstanding work and achievement.

  • The Governor presents the annual state employee Awards for Excellence to individuals and groups who demonstrate exemplary job performance or service.

Charitable Giving

Our commitment to public service and helping other goes well beyond the workplace. Every year, our employees donate millions of dollars to worthy causes in PA, the nation and the world.

  • Donate to your choice of hundreds of participating charities through the State Employee Combined Appeal.

  • Convenient pledge options such payroll deductions.