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The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) is looking for dedicated individuals to join our team. Whether you're an experienced pro or just starting, we have various job openings to match your skills and interests.

Current in-demand jobs

Winter Maintenance Operators - Keep Our Roads Safe 

Skilled CDL driver? Join as a Winter Maintenance Operator, where we offer both temporary and permanent positions. You'll be responsible for clearing snow, directing traffic, assisting with repairs, and ensuring road safety in PA winters.

Diesel Mechanics - Keep Our Equipment Running Smoothly 

Skilled with construction equipment and diesels? Join as a Diesel Mechanic, keeping machinery running smoothly.

Automotive Mechanics - Keep Our Fleet Efficient 

Join as an Automotive Mechanic, maintaining our fleet for top-notch community service.

Transportation Construction Inspectors - Ensure Quality and Compliance 

Detail-oriented and value quality? Become a Transportation Construction Inspector (TCI), ensuring project excellence through plan review, on-site measurements, material testing, and inspections.

Engineers - Start Your Engineering Career at PennDOT 

Engineer your dreams with PennDOT! Join us and launch a promising engineering career, shaping the world through exciting projects.

PennDOT: Where pride meets purpose. 

Join our team dedicated to building safe and efficient transportation systems for Pennsylvania. Make a real impact on your career journey. Apply today and take your first step toward a fulfilling future with PennDOT.

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