How to Apply

​We are so excited that you are considering the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania as an employer! Let’s get started. 

First, there are two types of service within the commonwealth: civil service and non-civil service. Second, you’ll notice that we have two different types of postings on our website. They are:

  • Vacancy postings 
  • Exam postings (in-person and online)

Vacancy Postings

The vacancy postings apply to all of our non-civil service jobs and most of our civil service covered jobs.

We talk more about this process on our Applying to a Vacancy Page:

Applying to a vacancy

Exam Postings

Some civil service covered jobs require you to complete an exam, either online or in-person, before you can apply to a vacancy. The exam postings are listed as “Civil Service Written/Online Exam for Future Vacancies” on our website. Have questions? No problem!

We'll walk you through the process on our Applying to an Exam page:

Applying to an exam