Kristen Shelton

Senior Benefits Manager

NAME Kristen Shelton
AGENCY Public School Employees' Retirement System
POSITION Senior Benefits Manager
CAREER PATH Retirement Management
Northern Lebanon Senior High School
DEGREE Diploma


Working your way up

"Commonwealth career paths make advancement possible, even without a formal degree."

Working for the commonwealth allows Kristen to pursue her love of helping others on a flexible career path with opportunities to learn and advance.

Kristen started in the state agency temporary clerical pool in 2004, where she used the variety of work assignments to find the agency that was the right fit for her. Along the way, she had the opportunity to meet many coworkers who inspired her to seek new challenges.

“Everywhere I went, I found people who were passionate about their programs and dedicated to serving the members of their community.  They shaped the direction of my career and made me see the good that could be accomplished, even while working behind a desk. They inspired and challenged me so I did the best work I could, taking every opportunity to learn and to enhance my skills.” 

Kristen was offered a permanent position with the Public School Employees’ Retirement System, where she worked her way up to her current position as a senior benefits manager.

“A typical day for me involves training, coordinating with multiple departments, using math and critical thinking to resolve problems, and enabling my team to deliver high quality work.”

“The work is interesting and meaningful; every request my team handles represents a school employee who is depending on something from us.”  

With such a broad range of professions and opportunities for growth, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is an ideal place to begin or advance your career. 

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